How Ganoderma herb supports cancer treatment.


Do you ever wonder why some cancer patients survived but some lost their life? Why using radio and chemo therapy alone is very risky? And how Ganoderma Lucidum herb supports conventional cancer treatment for higher healing chances?

Modern treatment usually attempt to destroy cancer cells through radio therapy or chemo therapy.



However while destroying cancer cells, such treatment also destroys many essential cells beneficial to human body such as

  • Macrophage
  • T-lymphocyte
  • White Blood Cells
  • Blood producing cells

Furthermore, chemo therapy causes lowering of immunity and weakening of body. Once treatment stops, the remaining cancer cells may multiply back quickly when the body is weak. This can be fatal.

The solution? Find ways to support your body to withstand those strong treatments.


Ganoderma as Cancer Herbs

The integral effects from Ganoderma consumption together with modern therapy provide promising results. Besides its own anti cancer properties, this herb can also destroy cancer cell together with conventional therapy.

At the same time, Ganoderma also fights against unwanted effects of radiation by reducing damage to essential cells like Macrophage, T-lymphocyte, White Blood Cells, blood producing cells and others.

In short, Ganoderma Lucidum herb:

  • increases body tolerance to radio and chemo therapy
  • strengthens immunity
  • improves appetite

Some terminally ill cancer patient are so weak that they cannot withstand chemo therapy. But after consumption of Ganoderma herb, their condition improved and they can complete the course of chemo therapy.

Many patients with tumors have also significantly improved after taking Ganoderma Lucidum. In Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, Ganoderma effectiveness in controlling cancer is around 40% to 50%.

The main components that give Ganoderma Lucidum its strong anti cancer properties are Organic Germanium, SOD and Polysaccharides, especially the beta-glucan.


Which Ganoderma to take for cancer?

Not all Ganoderma products are the same. Taking low quality product can only give little improvement. For cancer, you don't want to compromise on quality and effectiveness, do you? Therefore, we recommend choosing Ganoderma extract with:

  • Log wood cultivation
  • High concentration extract
  • Cracked spore powder

What's the difference between capsulated and log wood cultivated Ganoderma? For example, consider a cancer patient taking capsulated Ganoderma. She may improve her symptoms, reduce her pain and prolong her life. But eventually, she may still pass away.

But if this patient takes log wood Ganoderma instead, she might completely cure her cancer and saved her life. And this makes a huge difference. 

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Is Ganoderma alone enough?

Anyone who says their single herb or supplement can cure cancer certainly underestimates this horrifying disease. Even though Ganoderma is a strong anti cancer herb, it's still not enough to take it alone.

Our recommendation for other herbs and supplements with strong anti-cancer properties are:

Think of it this way. Taking more high quality anti-cancer herbs and supplements give higher healing chances compare with taking only one. Furthermore, you must have a healthy lifestyle.

  • Have a good emotional health and avoid negative thought
  • Change to healthy diet and avoid cancer-causing foods
  • Have regular healthy exercise such as Taichi


Warning! Before you try any cancer herbs...

Some cancer patients are afraid of receiving conventional cancer treatment such as surgery, radio therapy and chemo therapy. They may be afraid of its side effects. Or they may have seen their relatives and friends failed to save their life even with those treatments.

In addition, they heard people saying how their products successfully cured many cancer patients. So, they resort solely to alternative cancer therapy without the pain and side effects. What a wrong decision!

What if those alternative therapy fails? Their cancer will advance from stage 0 to stage 1... to stage 2... to stage 3... to terminal stage and it's all over.

This often happens among woman with breast cancer who want to maintain their appearance, and woman with uterus cancer who still want to conceive.

Therefore, it's very very very important for cancer patient to receive conventional treatment such as surgery and chemo therapy as instructed by doctor. Only then, they can further strengthen their body with cancer herbs and supplements. Remember, don't take any chances. Get conventional treatment as soon as possible.


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