Cordyceps Sinensis herb - The Guardian of Kidney


"Bencao Zhongxin" medical encyclopedia recorded Cordyceps Sinensis herb as: "If enters the lung and kidney meridians, it will nourish them"

Again, "Bencao Gangmu" medical text stated that Cordyceps Sinensis is a type of mildly sweet Chinese medicine. Upon entering lung and kidney meridians, it will:

  • strengthen the organs
  • promotes vital energy
  • stops coughing
  • transforms phlegm
  • improves physique

As a type of fungus, Cordyceps lives in insects body especially hepialus armoricanus.

During winter, Cordyceps Sinensis spores enter insect body and grow into hypha. The hypha distributes to the whole insect body and absorbs its bodily ingredients. Soon, its host will die. When hypha matures, the fungus will grow up to 3 to 10 cm high during summer.

Cordyceps sinensis


Yin and Yang herb

According to Chinese medical theory, Cordyceps Sinensis is resulted from the interaction of "yin" and "yang" forces. "Yin" is static while "Yang" is dynamic. Under the two forces of nature, the worm exists in winter (Yang) and the fungus comes out in summer (Yin).

As such, these two forces in Cordyceps play important roles in maintaining our body equilibrium.

This precious herb is rich in Cordyceps substances, Cordyceps polysaccharides, amino acids, vitamin B12, natural hormones and proteins. The mildly sweet Cordyceps Sinensis functions are:

  • nourishes the kidney and lung
  • improves respiratory system
  • stops coughing and panting
  • activates the blood
  • transforms stasis
  • anti-bacteria
  • strengthens our body

Recent medical research has proven this herb's ability to improve immunity and prevent cancer especially:

  • oral cancer
  • nose cancer
  • lung cancer

Apart from that, Cordyceps Sinensis is also effective for preventing acute kidney inflammation, chronic kidney inflammation and other kidney disorders. No wonder ancient people regarded Cordyceps as the "Guardian of Kidney".


Health Effects and Pharmacology

1) Effects on Immunity

Research showed that Cordyceps Sinensis can increase the spleen weight of a mouse and increase cells multiplication. Cordyceps polysaccharides also increase the quantity of blood flow in mouse spleen. It suppresses cyclophosphamide that causes spleen shrinking. This herb can also reduce lung gland of the mouse.

Cordyceps can directly activate monokaryon cell system and increase the FC receptor quantity on cells surface. Thus, it increases the antigen.

2) Effects on Endocrine System

When Cordyceps liquid is injected into mouse or by oral consumption, it increases the weight of adrenal gland, plasma cortical substance, aldehyde and adrenal gland's cholesterol level.

3) Effects on Kidney Function

The essence of Cordyceps extract can

  • reduce death rate of chronic kidney disease by 83%
  • improves anemia condition
  • reduces haematuria nitrogen and creatinine level
  • enhances the production of IL-2 by lymphatic cells
  • increases Th/Ts ratio
  • improves cells immunity

The Cordyceps Sinensis liquid can effectively reduce acute kidney deterioration of the mouse, protects cell membranes of Na+, K+, -ATP and reduces cell lipid over-oxidized reaction.

4) Effects on Respiratory System

Cordyceps can effectively dilate bronchial tracts and strengthens adrenal gland dilation.

When high dosage such as 1/7LD50 is injected, it increases phenol secretion of mouse. 1/10LD50 is excellent for protecting the mouse from asthma, 1/20LD50 will have synergistic effect with 6.25mg/kg of amine.

5) Other Functions

This medicinal herb can:

  • prevent disorder of heart rhythm
  • prevent lack of blood and oxygen in heart
  • dilate blood vessels
  • reduce high fats and cholesterol level
  • control activeness of MAO-B
  • produce anti-inflammation effect

In many experiments, Cordyceps is found to suppress the growth of tumors.


Clinical Function

Cordyceps Sinensis is effective for treating:

  • prolong asthma and coughing
  • chronic bronchitis and lung related diseases
  • chronic kidney inflammation and kidney failure
  • high fats level in blood. It reduces TC and triglycerides
  • impotence and premature ejaculation
  • chronic hepatitis and hardening of liver. It improves liver condition and makes HbsAg to be positive


Growth and Cultivation

Most of the more superior Cordyceps Sinensis are grown in Sze Chuan, Qing Hai and Yunan provinces of China. As the herb has excellent healing properties, it attracted attention from people all over the world.

Naturally grown Cordyceps Sinensis requires special ecological environment. So the supply for this herb is scarce but the demand has been rapidly increasing.

Therefore, some manufacturers utilized state of art biotechnology method to cultivate this herb using singular spore. Chemical and scientific researches proved that cultivation using spore is more efficacious than the naturally grown Cordyceps Sinensis.


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